Efficient & Intelligent Electric

                        Azimuthing Propulsion Systems


The Marine Propulsion Solutions Group specializes in Electric Propulsion Systems for all types of marine vessels and by using permanent magnet motor technology offers efficient, pollution/emissions free, compact and ruggedly designed equipment to meet the propulsion and maneuvering needs of today’s vessel.

We specialize in AC and DC Grid Main Propulsion System designs and can supply complete drive systems including the Integrated Bridge Station. We offer variable speed PM Gensets and can offer variable speed drive shaft solutions.

Located in Singapore with manufacturing facilities in Batam-Indonesia we have complete manufacturing and assembly facilities that meet the ISO 9001 requirement and would invite you to visit and inspect our facilities.

Today, the MPS team comprises a full engineering staff, naval architect, energy experts, management consultants and others, all passionate about efficient & environmentally-friendly vessels.

We offer to take steps to change the world by delivering silent, zero-emission propulsion systems.  .

The MPS Propulsion Group of companies is looking into the future of ship propulsion with constant investments in research and development. With over 50 years of experience in subsea and ship propulsion markets, the MPS Propulsion Group offers its expertise in electric fixed retractable and azimuthing thrusters to commercial ship owners worldwide.

With its specialist division devoted to subsea and military thruster propulsion solutions, MPS Propulsion Group is able to offer excellent service and equipment to the Military, commercial ship owners operators and builders for any application.

All our thrusters can be optimized to meet the needs of each vessel. We will assist ship Owners, Architects and Shipyards to integrate our thrusters applicable to the design of the vessel.


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