Hydraulic Standard Dual Prop Thrusters

Hydraulic Standard Dual Prop Thruster Systems

“A Thruster System that is Efficient and Reliable”

Using the Dual Propeller–Counter Rotating design, a highly efficient thruster system has been developed that recovers rotational lost energy and maximizes thrust in a smaller tunnel diameter.

The drive motor is mounted directly to the thruster by using a hollow shaft configuration (standard SAE/DIN sizes) for input shafts from electric or hydraulic motors or from an optional stub shaft configuration (for direct drives), eliminating the need of the adapter housing and coupling; it uses an isolation rubber foundation to eliminate vibration. The complete thruster unit is compact, efficient, “SILENT” … and ruggedly designed for the Marine Vessel of today.

This system has been designed for today’s Marine Vessel, meeting all Class Requirements for vessels ranging from 45 to 250 feet (14 to 75 meters).

Thrusters are designed with spiral beveled, right angle gears suitable for electric, diesel engine or hydraulic drives. The versatile series of MPS Thrusters allows installation with the drive vertical or horizontal. Installation may be varied therefore, to suit the needs of a specific, vessel design, providing possible space savings and convenient maintenance access.

The thruster hollow-shaft splined drive and propeller shafts are made of high strength stainless steel, and contain anti-friction taper roller bearings.

The gears are spiral beveled, case hardened. The thruster Pod is removable from the tunnel.

Systems can be provided with full scope of supply including hydraulic motor, pump, oil reservoir, clutch and full bridge controls…… A COMPLETE SYSTEM…..


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