One-Shot Mine Hunting AUV’s

“SMART” One-Shot AUV Mine Hunter Module UV Mine

Marine Propulsion Solutions introduces the MH500AUV-Self-propelled Mine Counter Charge AUV System used to identify and destroy naval mines. Its target can be located at least 500m from a launch point and offered as part of a system designed specifically for the SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle) or a standalone Auv system offered by our company.

Typical mission profile calls for identification and destruction of a target detected by other means. Normally it will be detected by means of mine hunter’s bow sonar. Missions against targets stored in data bases are also very likely

Mine disposal vehicles

The “SMART” Mine Hunter AUV Vehicle is equipped with remotely controlled mine disposal vehicle with software for the identification and disposal of mines.

The “SMART” AUV system is accurately maneuvered using a portable joystick control from the Mine Hunting Vessel linked by fiber optic cable; the “SMART” systems are expendable mine-disposal vehicle which is effective against short and long tethered mines, proud sea-bed mines and floating mines.

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