Seal Delivery Vehicles (SDV) & Diver Propulsion Units

Swimmer Delivery Vehicle

The Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) or SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle) enables the crew to approach their objective tactically without being detected. It is a swimmer delivery vehicle which can carry assault swimmers. The SWCS can be used for offshore intervention or coastal intrusion. It is able to maneuver on and below water surface to carry 4 or 6 combat assault swimmers with their gear.

The typical Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) is a large electrically-propelled torpedo-like craft which can operate from a “dry deck shelter” fitted to a full-size submarine. The cylindrical deck shelter is hooked up to the sub’s escape hatch, functioning as an underwater docking bay for the mini-sub. The vehicle can also be launched from shore or a small support vessel. 4 SEAL passengers and 2 crew can ride in the SDV, wearing breathing apparatus.

One of the roles of combat swimmers is to conduct amphibious reconnaissance or raids. In order to achieve tactical surprise, it is essential that the approach to targets must not be compromised.

 One of the methods used is by means of the sub-surface craft which has advantages as follows.

  • To transport assault swimmers to a target from launching mother ship.
  • To carry necessary combat equipment, like demolition charges, electronics, counter measures or weapons for each specific operation.
  • To approach the target through underwater to avoid observation by the objective through radar, visual observation or patrol. Shallow water approach makes it extremely difficult for the objective to detect the craft by all means.


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