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DC Electric Subsea Thruster Systems

PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions – Subsea Group introduces a series of Brushless DC Subsea Thrusters rated from ½ to 25Kw breaking new grounds in thrust, low weight yet ruggedly built with enhanced reliability.

All models feature Brushless DC Permanent Magnet rare earth motors for maximum reliability and power. Standard voltages are shown in the table with optional voltages as requested by the customer…… all models utilize a sensor feedback for motor rpm and direction control.

For operating depths greater than 750m all electronics must be housed within a one (1) atmosphere housing designed and built for depth of operation. MPS offers housings designed in aluminum, stainless steel or titanimum upto 6000M ocean depths as standard. Housing are complete with Power and Communication subsea connectors of our or client design and manufacture. Also available is a water intrusion alarm as well as optional serial communications to a customer furnished control systems.

Control Options available are:

  • SCE- A – Main Power, 12Vdc control power, +- 10V speed control (standard Supply)
  • SCE- B – Main Power, RS/485, +-10V speed control
  • SCE- C – Main Power, RS/485, CANopen

ModelPowerRangeInputPowerBollard ThrustWeight(Lbs)Feedback mode

SSE025, SSE035 SSE050, SSE075 SSE100 & SSE150 & SSE200 rated to 750M with motor controllers built into the thruster unit. For greater depths……

Motor Controller to be located in a one (1) atmosphere housing available as optional or customer furnished.

Alternative voltages are available – consult engineering department
SSE025 .25.187484.610.
SSE035 .38281486.916.
SSE050 .503754810.421.
SSE075 .755604813.731.514.410.38.0
SSE100 1.01.01207.442.519.310.58.5
SSE150 1.51.1312011.063.028.614.510.6
SSE200 2.01.492606.885.038.616.012.0
SSE300 3.52.6026011.8150.068.218.513.9
SSE500 5.03.7326015.2215.
SSE800 8.05.9726022.0340.0154.534.524.4
SSE1000 10.07.4632027.5440.0200.042.730.8
SSE1200 12.08.9532030.5510.0231.848.530.8
SSE1500 15.011.932041.0637.5290.060.540.8
SSE2000 20.014.932058.6850.0386.072.048.6
SSE2500 24.118.032067.51012.0460.0110.074.3
SSE3000 28.620.032073.5 1126.0512.0136.492.1
SSE3500 33.525.032091.9 1420.0645.5177.0112.4

Technical Features:

All models feature DC brushless rare earth motors for maximum reliability and power. Standard voltages are shown.

The SSE Series will accept DC input voltage options from 48 to 440 Vdc (optional voltages available). The Series feature power & control electronics housed within the thruster motor case (up to 750M) for maximum reliability & simplified installation.

All Models feature a Propeller, designed for bi-directional rotation with Kort type nozzles for high bollard thrust & open water efficiency. Clockwise & counterclockwise rotation propellers are available for all models.

Direct e-motor drives with no planetary gear reduction units resulting in “Silent” and “Reliable” operation with lightweight & compact designs at competitive pricing.

Custom configurations include alternate voltages, subsea connectors, power ratings, mountings & depth ratings as well as open (un-ducted) propellers, etc.

Incorporated by the thruster Drive is the Custom Designed Motor Controller (DC) incorporating an advanced control system with four-quadrant torque and speed control. Serial & CANopen communication is available with programmable I/O in/outputs, for Speed and Torque Control Modes. Thrust or torque can be controlled and synchronized with other brushless type thrusters resulting in simple coordinated interaction between the thruster units.

Control boards with the following options:

  • SCE-A – Main Power, 12Vdc control power, +- 10V speed control
  • SCE-B – Main Power, RS/485, +-10V speed control
  • SCE-C – Main Power, RS/485, CANopen

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