Subsea Excavators

The Subsea Excavator and Tool-Carrying System Ensures Rapid Mobilization and Operation in Water Depths up to 3,000M

Marine Propulsion Solution’s tool-carrying systems are designed for implementing dredging, excavator, cutting, and various other hydraulically or electric operated tools. They have been successfully deployed in deep, shallow, harsh water, high current, and low visibility underwater construction activities.

MPS subsea excavators and tool-carrying systems ensure rapid mobilization and operation in water depths up to 3,000m.

The Variable Mass-Flow Excavation systems are designed to cope with highly variable soil conditions with cutting capabilities enhanced to tackle stiff clays of up to 50 kP.

Marine Propulsion Solutions announces its New Generation of Variable Mass Flow SubSea Excavators operated hydraulically or by direct electric motor drives (400 to 3400 Vac) pressure compensated and built as an integral part of the excavator unit.

Units are designed for either ROV or DP-equipped offshore support vessels and available from 25 up to 1000Kw. The Excavator System is an efficient, cost-effective solution for the removal of sandbag stabilization and other materials from existing pipelines in combined soils consisting of sand, gravels, other non-cohesives and clays. The MPS SubSea System is a fully integrated launch, excavation and survey/profiling system for larger systems. Mass flow excavation involves no physical contact between the subsea unit and seabed and allows pipelines and valves to be exposed without risk of damage. Soils can be removed from and within complex shapes with relative ease. The main tasks for Excavator System include:

  • Excavation, and on/scour protection removal
  • Trenching,
  • Excavation, and on/scour protection removal

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