PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions has the pleasure of enclosing our latest product summary for a full range of SubSea Propulsion and Thruster Systems, designed for manned submersibles, Rov’s, Auv’s and other SubSea applications.

SubSea Propulsion Systems are produced in a full range of high quality, cost effective, efficient, and compact thrusters designed for professional SubSea use with designs based upon over 40 years of experience in the Offshore SubSea Marine Industry.

Our portfolio is divided into Eight main Groups: SubSea Thrusters – Electric (AC/DC) and Hydraulic, PumpJet Propulsion, AUV Propulsor Modules, Manned Propulsion Modules, Podded Propulsors, Electric/Hydraulic Power Modules, Cable Trencher / Excavator / Grabber Systems and Marine SubSea Tidal Turbines with supporting hardware and control software.


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