Subsea Grabbers

MPS’s multi-purpose subsea grabs are suitable for the recovery of a wide range of subsea hardware and available for operation up to 3,500M

MPS’s subsea grabs have a workload capacity of 1.0 up to 30 tonnes and are suitable for removing and dumping a variety of subsea related material including:

  • Rock dump
  • Pipelines
  • Boulders
  • Grout bags
  • Cables
  • Concrete mattresses
  • Mixed debris
  • Valves
  • Timber
  • Assorted seabed waste/scrap
MPS Grabs:

MPS’s versatile and durable grabs are suitable for heavy duty operations. They can be quickly and efficiently operated via deck controls/diver control containers or for smaller units…. remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s).

MPS’s Grabbers are available up to 30 tonne capabilities using through frame lift capability.

Fully upgradeable fibre optic telemetry system, electric/hydraulic maneuvering and operating platform with built in safety systems. Large MPS units utilizing 4 thrusters providing lateral thrust for positioning holding requirements with options for further hydraulic integration as per client’s operational requirements.

  • Dedicated control and workshop containers.
  • Available with sonar, Altimeter, Digiquartz, 4 cameras and subsea lights as required.
  • Easily detachable grab to aide with mobilization and maintenance.

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