Electric Azimuthing Dual Prop Contra Rotating

Electric Azimuthing Dual Prop Contra Rotating Drives

The E-Drive for fast patrol vessels and luxury yachts

“Application with Azimuthing E-Drive POD on planning and semi-planning vessels


The market for fast naval patrol vessels and pleasure yachts especially in the power range above 750 kW per driveline is still dominated by standard propeller shaft solutions. For vessels in the speed range between 25 and 35 knots there is a strong demand for propulsion systems offering improvements in efficiency, speed, comfort and space-saving design.

The new E-Drive propulsion system from PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions fulfils the demands on efficiency, speed, comfort and space-saving designs. The E-Drive is a fully Azimuthing Pod-drive propulsion system in the power range of 500 to 2000 kW featuring an upper Electric “Pancake Motor” design as an intergral part of the upper housing and an underwater gearbox for power distribution to the CR-propellers. The system is combined with a fully azimuthing design for excellent and stable maneuvering.

The optimized interaction between the ship’s hull design, and trim elements in combination with the E-Drive represents a propulsion system of extraordinary quality.

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