Integrated Bridge Control Systems

Integrated Bridge Control Systems

Marine Propulsion Solutions was established as an Electrical and Automation solutions provider for the marine and offshore industry.

We deliver solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients & have an outstanding track record of successfully completed projects, delivered worldwide.

All our solutions are designed to relevant industry standards and have been approved by various marine classification societies like DNV, ABS, BV, RINA, IRS, etc for installation and service on offshore installations.

We are technology-driven and specialists in the design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating power generation & distribution, vessel control & monitoring systems.

Our turnkey solutions comprise the engineering & design, installation, commissioning of Power Generation & Distribution, Fire detection systems, Propulsion Control & integrated machinery control & monitoring systems.

We specialize in Diesel Electric Vessels with Azimuthing Electric Podded Drives and AC or DC Main Grids and Power Management Systems.

At Marine Propulsion Solutions, we believe building a relationship with our customer is integral to our success.

Products offered:


  • Strive to build long term customer strategic partnerships.
  • Constantly pursue excellence in our service.
  • Strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Treat of customer’s investment as our own.
  • Contain our costs through process improvements and sound management practices and whenever possible provide these benefits of such cost savings attained with our customers.
  • Share our experiences and Knowledge with our customer to provide reliable & cost effective solutions.


  • Power Generation & Distribution panels.
  • Power Management Systems.
  • Ship Machinery Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems.
  • Azimuthing Thruster Control Systems
  • Transverse Thruster Control System.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Panels for Fixed Pitch Thruster Systems.

Full Integrated Bridge Controls…

PRS 2000 is a PLC based full follow up electronic remote control system for the ship’s propulsion machinery; its primary purpose is the control of azimuthing electric podded thrusters, Optional DP interface.

PRS 2000 is an independent follow-up control system with integral time dependent backup control system. This means that each Azimuthing Electric Propulsor has an independent control system.

The system is self-monitoring and can display faults either with lamp on the alarm lamp panel or through a visual display on the program controller

Alarm Monitoring Control Systems:

System Description

The system application of a decentralized alarm system for monitoring ship and engine data as well as controlling relay outputs. The system monitors the states of ship alarms and status messages. The entire system behavior (delay times, blocks, display texts, etc.) can be defined with a PC based configuration tool. Only a laptop/PC with CAN adapter is required for this.

The data of all connected systems and sensors are graphically rendered, integrated into ship graphics and master plans, and individually visualized on color displays. The following monitoring and control functions can be provided:

  • Classification as required
  • Monitoring of general ship data
  • Monitoring and control of valves
  • Monitoring and control of AC and fans
  • Monitoring of the four generators
  • Reading and processing of data from the Power Management System
  • Reading and processing of conning data
  • Reading and processing of data from the firefighting system
  • Tank gauge system
  • Monitoring of the bilge alarms and bilge pumps status messages
  • Monitoring and controlling navigation and signal lanterns
  • Integration of a Duty Call system
  • Alarm protocol over printer in the wheelhouse
  • Remote control of DC lighting circuits
  • Integration of CCTV camera control (optional)
  • Our positive attitude, capabilities and rice and varied experiences, backed by a dedicated service support team makes us your preferred solutions & service partner.

Integrated Bridge Controls are inclusive of Navigation Screens, Electric Pod Status Screens, Diesel Gen-Set Status Screens, Emergency Gen-set and Switchboard Screens, Main Switchboard functions, AFE functions and all required alarm functions.

The Azimuth Thruster Control System (ACS) fully automates from bridge the control of the electric azimuth thruster systems through the VFD or AFE drive control and provides full 360 degree control with full feedback (closed loop) units.

The Azimuth Thruster Control System fulfills the rules of the classification societies and includes steering control, remote control, safety, steering, RPM indication and a back-up control system.

The Azimuth Thruster Control System can be used in combination with a Dynamic Positioning or Joystick System.

Competence & expe­rience in propulsion technology

We can offer a “One Source Solution’ providing complete control systems, Switchboards with Power management Systems and motor speed controllers (air and water cooled).

Special Features

The electrical power (KW) is divided equally between the gen-sets allowing for full power management and therefore maximizing fuel economy;

  • Reduced cavitation and noise
  • More thrust at low or high speeds
  • Fully azimuthing
  • Rugged construction with FULL RELIABILITY

The PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions Group of companies are looking into the future of ship propulsion with constant investments in research and development.

With over 50 years of experience in ship propulsion markets, the MPS Propulsion Group offers its expertise in electric, hydraulic and diesel driven fixed, lifting and azimuthing thrusters to commercial ship owners worldwide.



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