Electric Podded Bow Thrusters

Electric Podded Yacht Bow & Stern Thrusters

Marine Propulsion Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Electric Podded Thruster and Propulsion Systems, with units operational for over 15 years with our sales & marketing offices located in Singapore and production facilities in Batam.

We would like to introduce our “Unique” Electric Permanent Magnet Podded Bow Thruster Systems for your interest and PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions (MPS) is the only thruster company offering large electric propulsion and maneuvering product using New PMM & Drive Technology

Ease of Installation with reduced costs…


Because the electric motor is designed as an integral part of the thruster hub and attached directly to the propeller shaft, there are no gears boxes or gear reductions providing maximum system efficiency with lower noise and vibration levels produced.

With the electric motor designed as part of the thruster pod and water cooled, there are no requirements for forced air ventilation of the electric motor, no shafting requirements with any couplings and alignments.


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